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Professional word/character/line counting + budgeting for translators, language professionals, and writers
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Aquino Developments S.L.
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19 May 2004

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FreeBudget is a powerful tool used by language experts, translators, transriptionists and language experts in estimating their productivity and effort spent on a project.
This leading tool is useful in estimating the effort spent on a writing project in order to determine the budget for the same. It generates the word count as well as the budget reports for Rich Text, MS Word and other text formats. It also allows you to do the accurate analysis of documents in multiple languages, including Asian languages. The time estimation and calculation is necessary to measure the personal productivity. This is a free tool available for individual pricing of words, lines, characters, pages etc. It not only allows you to select multiple individual files or all files within a folder but also any subfolders if any.
This is the simplest word count and budget estimation tool available for free.

Publisher's description

freebudget is a program designed primarily for professional translators, writers, transcriptionists and other language professionals who estimate their work against the word/lines/character counting of the documents they handle.
freebudget offers:
Convenience. It allows you to select multiple individual files or all files within a folder (and any subfolders). It lets you specify individual pricing for words, lines, characters, pages or time and directly compare the results. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to distribute. Now, it also offers a multilingual interface. User can easily localize/adapt it.
Authoritative results. freebudget is the leading free word count tool in the language
industry. It is currently being used by thousands of professional and non-professional
users and has become a 'de facto' standard. In case of dispute, you and your customers
can always share a reliable analysis platform.
Accuracy. freebudget uses the exclusive WebBudget's SmartCountâ„¢ algorithm and industry
leading proprietary extraction technology to handle word delimiters and other special text strings. Please refer to the section SmartCount below to learn more about how this feature works for you.
Include (or exclude) text body, footnotes, annotations, headers, footers, annotations and text embedded in MSWord shapes in your statistics.
Enable/disable SmartCount for word delimiters according to your project needs.
Enable/disable full compatibility with MSWord counting criteria .
Print or export results to tab delimited text files, Excel or HTML reports.
Unique features.
Correct analysis of documents in any language, including Asian languages. Built-in
Unicode support. Calculation of internal repetitions -percentage of words in repeated segments- both per project and per individual file. Automatic estimate of the time needed to complete a project, according to your personal productivity parameters.
And much more...
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